MZT Engineering-Bitola
MZT Engineering-Bitola was established in 1984 in Bitola, Republic of Macedonia. In 1998 it began with its own manufacturing, first of all, with metal equipment and spare parts by the process of deep drawing and metal stamping.

For that purpose MZT Engineering Bitola has its own manufacturing facility of 2000 m2, where the whole palette of excenter and hydraulic presses from 40 to 500 tons operates. Here processes such as deep drawing , metal stamping, piercing and embossing as well as full equipment for assembly, welding, CNC cutting with plasma and a line for surface protection. The firm also has a project office where the tools for the deep drawing and stamping are designed and afterwards constructed. All actions are done in concordance to the ISO 9001:2000 standard, which was certified to MZT Engineering in 2001. MZT Engineering among quality certificate also has certificate for environmental management ISO 14001:2004. This manufacturing facilities has been known as a proven supplier of equipment for the automobile industry, the energetics, transport equipment and systems, construction equipment etc. Experts regard it as one of the leading capacities in the area of deep drawing and metal stamping in Macedonia and the Balkan as well.

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The mission of MZT Enginering- Bitola is to continue and strengthen the cooperation with the main world manufacturers of industrial equipment.
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